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We are dedicated to and believe in building a better world for the most neediest and vulnerable children, orphans, youths, teenage mothers, and widows of this region by continuously seeking funds to build their capacities and improve upon their economic and health situations as well as those of their immediate environment.

CENODA sees the need to cause change by rehabilitating, training, empowering, and building the capacities of the poor and abandoned street children, teenage mothers and widows of this region who have given up in life and embraced the most perceptible vices such as terrorism, violence, prostitution, among others.

Our center provides for these vulnerable children of God through education in the forms of vocational training, livelihood skills, sex/health education, etc. cannot be over emphasized. Our goal is to rebuild their self-esteem, give more value to their lives, reduce their vulnerability and trauma, and enhance the economic development of their immediate communities

Following-up of the children's school curriculum


young people in professions related to pastry making


Initiation of children to agricultural and pastoral activities

Collaboration with the Community
Collaboration with the Community

Collaborate with widows in the town of Bidzar in setting up income-generating micro-projects for their financial autonomy

Years of activity
Children saved
Children hosted right now
Widows and teenage mothers hosted



the existing rented rooms, which are used as classrooms, and improve upon the quality of education offered to the vulnerable population of the Bidzar locality in the Nord region of Cameroon.


more children and help them being independent when adults having their own jobs, generating their own income, and be more assertive to their communities.


children to understand that they can achieve anything that they set their minds to do in life with their natural endowments.


innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development among the vulnerable children of the Nord Region of Cameroon.

School Project

The mission of this project is to set up a multipurpose primary school that can accommodate as many children as possible and reach out to more children in Bidzar, Garoua and beyond for the longest period of time. So far, CENODA is having 126 orphans, street and vulnerable children under her care at the center and 169 others who are under the center but placed in families, making a total number of 295 children already in the created school in rented homes and under trees, studying under overcrowded rooms.

CENODA is also closely working with 150 widows and teenage mothers within the Bidzar community. With the construction of classrooms, CENODA would be able to improve the quality of its education, educate more children in and out of the center and by so doing, reaching out to more widows and teenage mothers as well.

Expected Project Outcomes

We expect to perfectly educate more than 600 poor, orphans, abandoned and street children within the next three years. We intend to, besides the national curriculum, build in them financial literacy, social and livelihood skills as well as assist them to regain their self-esteem and confidence, get career orientation, leadership skills or start and run their own businesses.

Project Budget

This project is estimated to cost the sum of US$ 60,000 to be used in building three blocks of two classrooms each.

Ensure adequate health

and reduce the prevalence of diseases in CENODA and Bidzar village through the construction of a modern health Centre.


of the health Centre with necessary health equipment


on the quality of health treatment offered to the vulnerable population of the Bidzar locality in the north region. The northern region of Cameroon is noted for its outbreak of illnesses and health challenges (cholera, meningitis, malaria, eye problems and many other intestinal problems).

Reduce deaths

especially infant mortality which often occurs as a result of poor medical attention and women dying while giving birth.

Create employment

for youths of the North region who have completed medical training but are jobless.

Health Center

CENODA-Bidzar Health Centre Construction Project was conceived by the CENODA team after going through so many health challenges. Since her creation in 2014, CENODA has lost eleven (11) children because of the no health facility and the long distance reaching a hospital; and waiting till morning to have a means to go to the hospital.

Expected Project Outcomes

We expect to perfectly respond to the health needs of up to more than 19,000 inhabitants of Bidzar and other neighboring villages especially in Chad, including those of the orphans and the vulnerable children living at CENODA. This project will employ 200 people directly and indirectly.

Project Budget

This project is estimated to cost the sum of $US 170,000.

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