Our benefactors

CENODA has benefited from the support of some benevolent individuals as well as local and international bodies such as the US Embassy in Yaoundé-Cameroon, the ECOBANK, the Counterpart International, the Catholic Relief Service, the Ministry of Defense in Cameroon, the Archbishop of the Garoua Archdiocese, the Diocese of Detroit in the United States of America, the Administrative Authorities of the Mayo Louti Division, the Lord Mayor of the Figuil Municiapility, etc.

On the 10th of September 2015, the founder and CEO of CENODA in the person of Rev Sr. Myriam Lum received an award from the U.S. Ambassador’s self-help program in the amount of $15,350.00 to support her contributions in the improvement of the social conditions of her community.

There are benefactors on site in the Northern Region or elsewhere who are doing remarkable work, their involvement has not been in vain. The First Lady of the Northern Region and her friends provided significant support in terms of foodstuffs: rice, oil, milk, soap, beef….
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